Thursday, October 13, 2005

Still Kicking Around!

I'm still here, functioning almost normally. Tomorrow (today) I replace my car battery, and hopefully that will put an end to my vehicle woes, at least for a while. I am getting ready for bed, and just before I go, I will meditate for 20 minutes or so. I can say honestly that things are starting to look up again, and I see some great things happening down the road - more gigs, a possible new relationship, part-time work, and a new place to live. Right now, I think the most important things for me are:

1) Keep going to therapy (group and individual) It helps quite a bit.

2) Get back on my medication because I am obviously becoming depressed quite frequently. It was helping, and it's time to stop sabotaging myself and potential to succeed in life.

3) Practice meditation frequently and get in a routine.

4) Exercise more often - walking and maybe even jogging!

OK - that's enough stuff for now! I don't want to overwhelm myself. It's best to do a little at a time. For now, it's off to my bed...ZzZZZzZZZ

Good Night, Everyone!


Tabor said...

I find walking can sometimes be like meditation...

Radin said...

It is so nice to see the situation is positively moving.