Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Insert Photo Here..

It seems that my profile image has vanished from its former location, so I'll have to scare up a new one for those of you that want to see what I look like. My best comparisons - I've been told that I have the facial features of Quentin Tarrantino, and from a distance that I look like Tony Levin - bassist extraordinaire for Peter Gabriel and others. Coincidence? I don't think so! Later!

BTW - The photo I've substituted is from my Flickr page. It's my inadvertent attempt to imitate the late blues great Howlin' Wolf. I just noticed that recently. See ya!


Tabor said...

Went to a Trans Siberian Orchestral concert last night and was thinking of you when those guys started all that crazy intense guitar stuff. I really like the group---but as an old lady I can only take two hours at a time. Happy Holidays and I hope you have lots of PEACE!

elvira black said...

Quentin T. and Tony L? Cool!

But I have to admit, that photo is scaring me a little.

Danny said...

Yeah I did go a little overboard with the teeth, didn't I? :)

Tabor: Glad you enjoyed TSO. I have yet to see them. Funny thing is - I play music myself, but I don't like going to concerts much. How ironic is that?

Tabor said...

Well, going to concerts is pretty expensive and we only started doing this a few years ago and we actually go to very few. But the laser light thing, pyrotechnics, etc. was pretty impressive.