Friday, April 22, 2005

Ever see one of these? This was TDK's top-of-the-line cassette in the '80's - the MA-R C-90. MA stood for Metal Alloy (tape formula) and the R was for Reference. This was the only one I bought, because they were about $9.00 a piece! Now they go on ebay for about $30 a piece! Even almost 20 years later, this tape sounds great! By the way, the tape's frame is made of aluminum alloy - now that's what I call a METAL tape. Of course, it was made for Position IV (Metal) recorders. Try using it in a normal deck, and you could kiss your heads goodbye! The only time I ever saw one of these in a movie was at the end of The Terminator - Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) is recording a tape for her future son, and they show a close-up of the tape running. Why do I remember this stuff? Posted by Hello

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