Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Having Trouble Sleeping?

If you are, you might want to try listening to a few of these streams.

Bluemars has 3 different "channels" to choose from, my favorite being Cryosleep. This one relaxes me and knocks me out rather quickly. I highly recommend it.

The Drone Zone is another great station you can check out. It can be found at the SomaFM website. They have many great stations to choose from - I find myself listening to Groove Salad quite a bit during the day.

I've always liked ambient music and was drawn to it at an early age. The band that started it all for me was Tangerine Dream. They were pioneers of the genre. Brian Eno is also one of my favorite ambient artists - he's basically considered the father of the movement.

The average listener may feel that the music is repetitious and boring. In order to appreciate ambient music properly, it should be listened to in the less active periods of our time - e.g. meditation or sleeping. It was designed with this in mind, and it can bring a tremendous calm feeling over you (if you allow it to.) The real treat is to listen to it through a good pair of headphones, and just let yourself go with the flow. Let the music guide you on your very own journey.

Like It?
There are many streams out there, but these are my favorites to listen to. If you have your pc by your bed, have a dedicated hardware media player, or some other means of listening (ala FM stereo transmitter, as I do,) give them a try. They may help to relax you into a nice deep sleep.

Goodnight Everyone!


elvira black said...

Hi Danny:

Brian Eno? Now we're talking! Howzabout Fripp and Fripp/Eno?

Are you familiar with Bang on a Can's orchestral version of Music for Airports? Kind of a reverse-cover kind of thing.

Ambient music can be relaxing, but I tend to like the more down and dirty Eno--super produced dance/trance stuff. I suppose you could have a rather vigorous meditation with it, or maybe some disturbing dreams.

My b/f, for some odd reason, sometimes likes to put on "Easy Listening" (1000 Strings from Hell, or whatever it's called) when he's painting. I guess that's ambient for some, but not for me. It's "Difficult Listening"--makes my hair stand on end. If you've ever seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, you know what I'm saying...

Radin said...

I liked your previous post. But I think we should be careful with positive thinking. I mean positive thinking must have a solid base in reality, like what you say you were when a child so the ability exists in you and you have to help it surface. Only positive thinking, without a real base won't last long and may even have opposite effect in the future. Like improving self confidence which should be built upon real abilities after positive abilities are improved. I know of a method of channeling into the past and changing your feelings and even events. It involves using memory provoking senses like smells that take you back in time. This does not bring back memories. They actually take you backing time and you can once more experience the feelings you had then. Good luck with your work on this matter. I hope you make permanent positive changes in your life.

Danny said...

Hi, Elvira! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I totally agree with you about Fripp, and Fripp and Eno. Admittedly, Robert Fripp was the one who inspired me to mess with tape loops and delay lines in my music! That opened alot of creative doors for me - I could create my own "symphony" just by adding parts with my guitar. That was alot of fun.

I also confess that I'm not as much as a connesieur of ambient music as you seem to be. I do know that what I've heard, I enjoy it alot.

I will definitely check out Bang On A Can's "Music for Airports" rendition. Trance stuff is pretty cool - I just don't listen to it much anymore. I figure there is a time and a place for it, that's all.

You may find this funny, but I do like some of that "easy listening" style of music! I've always been drawn to Bossanova and Samba - stuff like Stan Getz and Jobim. Being a guitarist/bassist, I listen very intently to the respective lines. I love those min5 and sharp 9s! Anyway, thanks again!

Radin: I totally hear what you are saying. A solid foundation is vital for anything to be strong - be it a building, or positive thinking. Thank you for your insight, and your unique perspective of life.

I believe what you are saying is that real evidence to support my belief is what will solidify it, correct? Indeed, it is easy to lose touch with reality when "building a dream," but I ask you this: What draws the line between being realistic and being negative?

At this juncture, I guess I didn't want to choose to accept the fact that negativity still existed within my life - no matter what I did to ignore it, or to "distort" it. Perhaps I am rambling, but I digress. :)