Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Goodbye For Now

Well, I guess that this is goodbye for now. I am now doing much better for myself, and I couldn't feel much better. I am beginning to realize that there is indeed life after the internet, and that it was indeed an addiction. I'm not turning my back on technology - I'm just going to use the computer much less than I have in the past (remove all chat programs, etc. and pretty much only for my production stuff. Thank you everyone, and I wish you much success and happiness within your lives. Take care!



Tabor said...

I'll miss you and don't forget to TAKE your medicine!!

elvira black said...

Danny, I can completely relate, though it's sad to see you go. I'm beginnig to bet blogger burnout too and I know that this has become an unhealthy addiction for me. It's finally starting to sink in that there's still a whole world out there and I have to start getting after it again.

Best of luck to you--hope you'll still post from time to time!