Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I've just spent the better part of an afternoon re-installing windows on my pc, thanks to this program. I had to disable it at first when I got my DSL connection. So, I figured why even have it installed if I don't use it? That's when the trouble started...

Let's Try Something Else...
"No problem," I say to myself, "let's just try something else." I found another firewall to try called Kerios. It seemed to be a good program, so I gave it a shot. I installed it, rebooted as I was instructed to do, and once again, I had problems! This program gave me several GUI errors - not only that, it wouldn't allow me to get online, to access the task manager, or anything! I felt that I had made a grave mistake. This is when I called my ISP...

What A Mess!
I tried everything that I could think of, aside from cleaning out the registry. I called my ISP for assistance, and they couldn't figure it out either. I was told that the registry needed to be fixed. I took this upon myself, as I have done this in the past without any hassle. I rebooted my machine, and it STILL wouldn't let me on the net! Hmm...maybe I can restore from a previous point - nope that didn't work either. Let's repair the installation. Maybe it will restore some corrupt registry entries, etc. Nope - no such luck. I called a friend and he decided that a clean install would be best. Reluctantly, I followed his advice, re-installing XP. The good news is that I'm back online - the bad news is, I lost ALL of my bookmarks! I forgot to back them up in Firefox. Ironic, because I usually back them up.

Loss...I Hate It!
All those bookmarks...gone. It was so convenient. Now I can't remember what half the stuff was. I'll be mulling over this all day long, and it won't be easy to accept. I guess that I have no choice in the matter, as I can't go back and change it. It still doesn't make it any easier. Half of me wants to cry, and the other half wants to scream out in rage. WHY? WHY WHYYYYY!

Could Be Worse...
Yeah, I guess that it could be worse - my pc could have had a total system crash, and I'd be left with nothing. I just have to re-install programs at best. The bookmarks being lost is what really got to me. I had several great things bookmarked, especially my favorite blogs. Oh well, guess I'll just have to find them again. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

What Now?
Well, I think that I'm just going to sit here and sulk for a while, just like a little kid. Eventually I will get over the loss, and life will go on. But for now, I sit here, mourning the loss of my precious bookmarks as if they were sacred documents. Yesterday will live on...


Tabor said...

Happy New Year...crabby. Honestly computers can be the most frustrating. Did you back up your bookmarks this time? NOTE Firefox will loose bookmarks on it's own. Happened to make another file.

suntanjam said...

I have just experienced the same problem with Zonealarm on my sisters PC. And my PC also had a problem with Zonealarm. She followed ZA's instructions to the T (she was upgrading to the current version). Here are the problems:
Now she cannot access the net as IE6 will not connect to the net.
Window's restore option does not open.
You cannot open Window's security settings.
Norton will not open.
Some icons on the desktop no longer function.
The PC will not shut down ("Windows is now shutting down". It just hangs...
When programs do open, they sometimes freeze.
Printer no longer works.
PC is whacked!
I tried uninstalling all entities of ZA. No help.
I tried to restore a registry backup from a time that was before this debacle. No luck.
I now have to spend an afternoon reinstalling XP and all of her programs and settings. &*~!@#@!!!

I also just tried to renew my subscription with the latest version. I could not get it to install. I tried everything! From ZA’s advice to every forum I could find. 3 hours later, I called for a refund, which I was granted with no problem. I proceeded to remove every entry from ZA and was successful. Guess what? My PC runs fantastic without ZA!!! I’ve always had ZA since I built this PC and never realized how ZA dramatically slowed a wide variety of your PC’s functionalities.