Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Flamethrower - The Real Deal

Here's the Big Boy. This one rarely makes an appearance anymore. If we need extra oomph, The Acoustic 371 does the job. Mine was built in 1972, and has all the original parts, right down to the 18" speaker and even the dust cover. If I need a throaty roar (about around 300+ watts,) this is the guy for the job.

Caution: This Amplifier May Cause Heart Palpitations and/or Loss of Breath!
Note to the weak at heart or victims close by: this amp WILL kick your ass if you are standing near it. I remember the first few practices with it - I only had the volume just below one, and my drummer claimed that he could feel it shoot from across the room. It lacks a little in the sub-bass department, but back then, not many cared about sub-bass. If you're looking for a Grand-Funk Railroad Mel Schacher type sound, this is the one for you. GROOOWWWWWL, ROOOOARRR! Yes, this one will overdrive like a motherfucker if you let it.

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