Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pain...Brought to You, Courtesy of Rotosound

I love these strings! These make the ol' Fender Jazz come alive. I get that growl I want, (notice the lion on the package!) and at the same time, a nice round bottom end. These don't come without a price, however. After playing for several hours (despite a healthy callous buildup on my fingers, I start to "feel the burn." Most people won't play these strings because they are very rough on the fingers. I just deal with the pain and relish in the sound. I love to turn completely to the bridge pickup and turn up the mid (it has active electronics) so I can get that Jaco Pastorious sound. It inspires me to noodle with jazz. It's lots of fun, to be sure.

No Pain, No Gain
It's like the old saying says. I tend to play with a rather agressive attack, which gives me that tone that I like - nearly overdriven, just starting to clip. It's massive and powerful, and it really adds to the band's overall sound. I crank the volume (pre-gain) and set the master volume where I want it. The amp is solid state, yet it somewhat behaves like a tube amp. If you play music, you know why tube amps are highly sought after. Let me say this much. If you were to use a tube amp, and then a solid state as a comparison, you would definitely notice the difference. Anyway, I love the sound that I get from my rig. I see guys using two 4X10 cabinets with a horn in the center. I never liked that sound, nor will I ever. As far as my rig goes, above are a few more pictures of my equipment:

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