Monday, May 23, 2005

Time to say "thanks"

A Realization
Thanks to the comment of a very nice person, I finally realized something: that people DO appreciate my writing, and I DO have a captive audience. I am grateful for that. For me, this started out just as a journal of sorts; it's turned into more of an emotional outpouring since then. I have no problem with this, and it fuels my "creativity" even more. However, many have taken to time to acknowledge that they have indeed read my posts, and I just want to say....


Opening Up Again
If I seem to be cold and uncaring, please understand that giving and showing affection is not one of my stronger points. I am still working on that, as I long to be able to accept it in return unconditionally, and unquestionably. I thank those also who have been there for me in my times of trouble and despair, and those that stuck by me, no matter what happened. There are some special friends, ariK, and Flash. Then there are those who gave me a laugh on a daily basis (thank you, Howdy!)

The Joys of Blogging..and Reading Others' Blogs
For those of you reading this entry, please click on the links of these blogs. You will find some of the funniest, most heartfelt, intense, and extremely interesting writings. I think that it's great to have a blog and to be able to use it to communicate with people - if it's one-way, at least they see how we experience and react to everyday situations. Remember - if no one comments on your post, it doesn't mean that they haven't read it. Some are just not ready to comment sometimes, or just totally agree with you on your point-of-view. I finally realized that myself very recently.

As far as rants go, I don't want to turn into Andy Rooney and say things like "you know Christmas only comes once a year...I hate that,) but it is easy to get caught up in the moment and focus on the inconvenience, pain, or loss of control that things expose us to within our lives. A rant is simply a way to "vent" our feelings at the moment. We may feel pretty irate, and say things that we wouldn't say at any other time, or think thoughts that are not of our regular nature. Stress and anger have a way of doing this to us. You know how rants just wear you out after you relase them? I hate that.... Just kidding.

As For Me...
I'll find my way through it all somehow. I got a feeling that lots of changes are going to be made.
It's been five years since my last life-changing experience, so I think that I'm about due for a new one. This could be the start of something...BIG. Something inside of me keeps saying "Go West, Young Man." Or is it South? (Hello, Branson, MO!)

Take care and God Bless

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