Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Losing My Cans

Goodbye To An Old Friend
Here are what once was my set of lovely Sony MDRV700DJ headphones. I made the mistake of taking them to our last gig (at our drummer's request.) Something inside of me was saying, "don't do it, man." Sure enough, I left them behind. I tried to go back to the bar, but they already had the doors locked. I called my bandmates to see if they could go back the next day to retrieve them. Which I thought, "OK, the bar staff will find them, and will put them up for me." Such was NOT the case, however. It seems that someone found them, and took them for their own use, as they were nowhere to be found. Just as a precaution, I called everyone else involved in the gig, and the same result; no one had them. Yes, I cried. You'd better believe it!

Moving On...
I mourned their loss for the past two days, as I've NEVER had a pair that sounded as good as those! The frequency response was unbelievable - thanks mostly to 50mm drivers inside. I loved the sound that emitted from them. When I did my production/voiceover work, those were the "cans" * of choice. Now that I'm a brokeass and can't afford a new pair, I will just have to do without, or get a crappy pair; the latter of which I'm not too excited about. Since I use a very sensitive microphone, it is impossible to monitor my mixer through the studio monitors. It results in immediate feedback, due to the intense compression and preamp settings (which I can't live without either.) Let's just say that they make my voice much more stronger and powerful than it is. I could tell you the secrets behind it all, but I'd have to kill you.

What Now?
Well, what a better time to go for a walk, just to get the frustrations out. This also lifts my spirits as well. I know that it's not the end of the world that I lost my best headphones, but it does present the problems that I previously mentioned. This makes my life's work inconvenient and frustrating. I'm not one to settle for second-best when it comes to my creativity. Who knows, maybe I'll win the lottery and be able to buy a new pair. Maybe I'll stop at the gas station on the way during my walk and pick up a lottery ticket or a PowerBall ticket. It might be worthwhile to "take a gamble" just for once. That's a sort of risk-taking, isn't it?

That's one small step for man - one giant leap for Danny. (roger beep)

*Cans are radio industry slang for headphones, for those that aren't familiar with the term.

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Willem said...

Yo Danny, Damn shame you lost them "Cans" :) But, remember, there's a saying that goes like After every dark cloud the sun is shining. So maybe its indeed a good idea to buy a ticket. You're only sure that you won't win anything by NOT buying a ticket. He who dares might win. And if you win in the right proportion you might be able to buy wolfman Jacks old headphones.