Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Am...

A Child...
Imagine that you are in your childhood, sitting in a swing on the playground during recess. All the other children are playing a game together - and without you. You tried as best as you could to join in, but no one would pick you during the line-up. You were left out, laughed at, and told to get lost - so you do just that. You go into your own little world - where no one else can go. You are...

Little Neutrino

By Klaatu

(Dee Long)

Across your open mind

I trace erratic lines
In motion and in time

I fought a battle won
To the surface of the sun
Through fires on and on

It's only you
It can't be me
For I myself refuse to be
I am someone you'll never know
I am the little neutrino

Solus is not far away
It's face is brighter than a day
So don't turn me away

It's only you
It can't be me
For I myself refuse to be
I am someone you'll never know
I am the little neutrino

And now I'm passing through
The one who's known as you
And yet you'll never know I do

For those of you who frequent my blog, you'll notice that this is a second time posting these lyrics. I just feel that the song itself is so powerful, and it makes a return in my life when I hit a low point. The overall soundscape sounds tormented and painful - the words just add to it even more. If you've never heard it, I suggest you give it a listen. It will give you a very good idea of how I feel at the moment. I'm not horribly down, just a little under the weather. This too, shall pass.



elvira black said...

Hey Danny:

Sorry you're not feeling so hot--hope you feel better soon.

I can definitely relate to the little childhood vignette you posted. That was me from grades 1 to 6. I was a strange, weird kid, always daydreaming--looking back, as I've written elsewhere, I wonder if I had Asperger's syndrome. However, spending a lot of time reading, listening to music, climbing trees, riding my bike, searching for ladybugs, etc. helped me learn how to amuse myself and become my own person instead of just another player in someone else's game.

I do remember Klaatu--weren't they a little like Devo?

Danny said...


Thanks for your concern for my well-being. I appreciate it immensely! Sorry to hear about you feeling that you had Asperger's - that's a tough place to be.

It's good that you to learned how to be yourself and not waste your time following the herd. I have great respect for those who make that decision.

Klaatu a Canadian band, is hard to put into one category, as they were very diverse. Sometimes they sounded like The Beatles (as a mid-70s Capitol Records promotion implied them to be,) and other times they could sound like the greatest (70's "overproduced") rock opera you've ever heard. If you would like to know more about them, visit

I guess they are like Devo, in the sense that they were somewhat off-beat, and choose their own road. Mark Mothersbaugh is definitely one to go his own path, and he is to be commended for it. He dares to go where not many others will go. His music proves it! Of course, you know this already... LOL