Friday, September 09, 2005

A Little Game...

Leaving The Bar...
I went out tonight after therapy group, and stopped in to see a buddy play in a small jazz ensemble. We stayed there until they kicked us out (as is normal,) and began to head to another local bar to see yet another local jazz ensemble. As I was headed down Main Street, I saw a police car spin around to follow me. It so turns that the light turned red after I went through it, and he had to stop, as this was not hot pursuit.

I basically pulled up to the square, got out of my truck, and headed into the bar. I walked out soon after talking to the band's guitarist - he said that they had finished at 1am. My buddy had just pulled up, and I approached his car, telling him that they were done for the night. I mentioned something to him about "losing this cop that's on my tail..." and that's when it became sort of a game to me.

And Then..
Just a few minutes after that, I went back into the bar, walking out after three minutes or so. I saw that very same police car - right there at the stop sign. The officer was looking right at me. He just hesitated, waiting for a few seconds as I entered the bar. I hung in there for a few minutes, and walked outside. I noticed about 3 police cars, 2 marked, and 1 un-marked (I have issues with those, more later,) go right by me. I decided I would play it smart and walk around the square for a lap, just to give myself time, as I knew that he had gone down an alleyway, trying to be slick. Little did he know, that I could hear him "creeping around." I knew that as long as I ddin't get into my truck, I was "safe." The worst he could get me for was Public Intox, and that wasn't about to happen anyway.

Then I walked back to my truck, got in and started around the square. Everything seemed okay so far - then a light turned red. I decided rather than waiting for it to turn green, I would turn right down the nearest road...and sure enough...I see the gleaming white and blue. He turns around, and starts to tail me almost immediately. I take a left turn, already getting my registration out of the visor pack, and then the lights come on. It was so predictable.

He walked up and was very pleasant. He said that I was "speeding a bit back there," and that my license plate light was out. He asked me if I had a good driving record, If I had ever been arrested before, and the usual "have you been drinking tonight?" Of course, the answers to all these questions was a polite "yes," and "no." I didn't kiss his ass, but I wasn't a jerk either. He walked back to his car for a minute or so and soon returned.

When he did, he asked me to blow into this tube - a breathalyzer. I agreed, and it registered zero (of course,) and he handed me back my license and registration. He politely reminded me that my license plate light was out, and just to watch my speed a little bit. I pulled away and I saw his "buddy" down the block. I laughed to myself, spite of it all, I won this stupid little game.

I Win!
He could have given me a ticket for the license plate light being out, or speeding (I wasn't truly aware that I was speeding, to be honest.) I guess that he chose not to, because I wasn't a trouble-maker. I really don't know what to make of the situation, really. It's not a big deal, but I did see some humor involved. I did say some things to myself as I was walking the square, about being very elusive and hard-to-get. I was getting a little cocky about it all. I guess that I'm losing my touch - maybe it's just old age setting in? Or maybe it has to do with Karma?

I'll go into my un-marked police car rant tomorrow, I promise!


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